Before and after

Before and after

A smile makeover is a combination of several cosmetic dental procedures that aim at improving the aesthetics of the smile. Based on your requirement, we would come up with a customized treatment plan including several restorative and non-invasive procedures so that you get closer to the smile you’ve always dreamt of.

One of our patients, Karen, came to us seeking an attractive smile with bigger and whiter teeth. We chose dental crowns to improve the color and contour of her teeth. The color of the crowns was chosen keeping the contour of the teeth, the color of her skin and lips in mind. After getting porcelain crowns done, Karen was overjoyed with her new smile!

Betty wanted to get her worn-out teeth aligned perfectly. She also had a lot of old, failed metal restoration, mostly crowns, that needed to be removed and re-done. We were able to determine how the teeth could be aligned without the use of braces using a detailed screening of the teeth and a preoperative wax-up. After the makeover, she was very happy with the results and waved goodbye with a happy-looking smile.

Pat had a bad dentition, consisting of teeth that were too discolored, worn out and had a few missing teeth. This made her smile look quite unattractive. We suggested she get implants to replace her missing teeth, but she insisted on partial, removable dentures. The existing teeth that seemed too worn out were restored using dental crowns. Since she had a low lip line, the clasps of the dentures wouldn’t be too revealing. She was very happy with the end results after experiencing a drastic change in the aesthetics of her smile.

Katherine’s lateral incisors were very small compared to her remaining teeth. We decided to go for composite bonding to restore her teeth to the desired shape, size, and contour. The translucency of the composite bonding material was matched with that of the teeth prior to starting the procedure. After several layers of bonding material was applied to the teeth, they perfectly matched the adjoining ones.

Marie’s upper incisors had a reverse smile, meaning, they didn’t round down towards the lower teeth. They were pretty
asymmetrical as well, making her smile look displeasing. She decided she only wanted to get crowns on her upper incisors. We obliged and placed 4 crowns on her upper incisors to give her a better smile.

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