Dental care for your baby

Taking care of your baby’s teeth can get quite tricky and requires extra efforts. Monitoring the growth of their baby teeth, keeping an eye out on their food habits, checking for cavities, brushing their teeth regularly are some of the aspects that parents should look into.

Early oral care

Your baby’s oral care can start even before their first teeth start to emerge. The gums could still get infected due to the microbes residing in the mouth. Every time the baby is breastfed, the milk residue could be left on the tongue and gums. The microbes could feed off them and lead to infections, which is why the mouth should be cleaned after every feeding. Wrap a moist washcloth around your finger and gently wipe the gums.

Your baby’s first teeth

Teething is a major phase of your baby’s childhood. Your baby would naturally want to bite anything that it gets its hands on due to the irritation that it would feel in the gums. Keep small toys and other items away from them as they could swallow them. Get your child a proper teether to chew on as it promotes proper growth of the teeth.

Since they wouldn’t be able to brush and floss their teeth on their own, it is up to the parents to do it for them. You can choose toothbrushes that are made especially for babies. It would contain soft bristles and fit on the end of your finger, allowing you to brush your baby’s teeth without hassle. During the teething stages, you need not use toothpaste.

Oral hygiene

Once your baby gets a few more teeth and understands that it should spit out the foam released while brushing teeth, you can start using a small amount of toothpaste while brushing their teeth. Ensure to remove the food debris from the teeth surface to keep their mouth free from cavities.

First dental consultation

Your baby’s first dental consultation should take place sometime around his/her first birthday. We can start to monitor the growth of their teeth right from infancy, which gives us a better understanding of the growth patterns, alignment of the teeth, infections, cavities, etc. In case any the unexpected issue pops up, we could refer to the baby’s dental history to treat the condition better and quicker.

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